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ASIC Advantage, Inc.'s analog and digital mixed signal expertise includes high-voltage and radiation tolerant applications. As a fabless manufacturer, we have maximum flexibility in deciding which tools and processes to use, allowing us to deliver optimized designs and cost effective solutions.


AAI has developed a strong expertise in mixed-signal solutions and has specialized in the development and production of products within Power Management, LED Lighting, Portable Electronics, Sensors and Instrumentation, and Motor Controls. ASIC Advantage, Inc.'s products range from high-volume, low cost ICs to complex system-on-chip. AAI’s analog and digital mixed signal expertise includes high-voltage and radiation tolerant applications. 

Products are delivered in compliance with the ROHS/Lead-free European Directive for the "Restriction of Hazardous Substances in the Electrical and Electronic Equipment". Leaded packages are available upon special request.


Our team of highly experienced managers, designers and technicians are commited to our success. We work closely with you throughout all stages of design and production.


ASIC Advantage, Inc. is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California where design, evaluation and most production testing are performed

Логотип: ASIC Сайт: http://www.asicadvantage.com/


Пайка алюминия и его сплавов.


Если на шприц отсоса припоя надеть отрезок силиконовой трубки.