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Citizen Systems has now been providing calculators and printers since 1964. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Citizen Group of companies, famous for its watches and timepieces since 1930. In addition to the mother company in Japan, Citizen Systems Europe has sister companies in Hong Kong, China and the USA.


Citizen Systems Europe produces a comprehensive range of printing solutions and designs its machines to meet the specific needs of each application.  The range includes tough, contamination-resistant label printers for industrial environments and compact desktop and portable POS units for retail.  It also includes fast, powerful mobile printers for reliable, on-the-spot printing, high quality photo printers that meet the needs of professional photographers and print mechanisms for system build.  Citizen is at the leading edge of printer design, delivering ‘best in class’ printers that cannot be beaten for speed, compact size, and energy efficiency.


Citizen also provides a full range of calculator products, from pocket devices to highly sophisticated scientific models.  Like Citizen printers, the calculator range brings innovative technology, precision and reliability to meet the needs of customers around the world.  Citizen technology has been applied to healthcare products, too.  A range of easy-to-use, ergonomic and reliable digital monitoring devices are now available, including blood pressure monitors, thermometers and pedometers.


Citizen Systems Europe operates throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).  The HQ is based in Esslingen, Germany, with a branch office in London.  Citizen Systems Europe continues to build and expand its already extensive range of distributors to provide exceptional product availability and service throughout the EMEA region.

Логотип: Citizen Сайт: http://www.citizen-europe.com/en


Цинк для изготовления паяльной кислоты можно найти в старых батарейках питания.


При замене электролитических конденсаторов, кроме соблюдения полярности, не следует значительно превышать допустимое рабочее напряжение.

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