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In 1919, Hi-Voltage Equipment Company was founded in Cleveland, Ohio. The company was formed to manufacture products, primarily isolating switches, for the electric utility market. During the 1950's, the Hi-Voltage Equipment Company was acquired by Joslyn Corporation and became the Joslyn Hi-Voltage Equipment Division. During this period, Joslyn Hi-Voltage established a leading position in the industry, with research, development and commercialization of vacuum interrupter technology. The commercial introduction of vacuum technology provided a cost effective alternative to circuit breakers in applications with frequent switching duty. During this period, Joslyn Hi-Voltage products were used primarily in substation applications.
In the 1970's, Joslyn Hi-Voltage expanded its product offering dramatically, introducing advanced control technology that was used in conjunction with the highly reliable, low maintenance switch designs, to improve distribution system reliability. These advanced controls enabled remote operation in conjunction with distribution automation (DA) and SCADA systems. Joslyn Hi-Voltage was the first company to fully integrate a distribution automation control package, including the switch control, RTU, and radio in one cabinet with one power supply. Also introduced were controls with local intelligence for isolating faulted feeder sections quickly, restoring power to unfaulted sections.
In 1995, Danaher Corporation acquired Joslyn Hi-Voltage and its parent company, Joslyn Corporation.



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