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Letex Technology

Letex Technology Corp. was founded in April 2001 at WuChi Jenn, Taichung Hsien, Taiwan, to engage in the production of Photo DMOS-FET Relays, Photocouplers and other relevant products in Photo. Through its strict and scrutinize research and development many years, Letex successfully produce good quality, high tech and tremendous output capability in order to cater for various necessaries from different clients.

Because of continuous improvement and size getting smaller in electronic devices, computer system & peripheral, we very emphasis to make unique and small size in relevant Photo product especially Photo DMOS-FET Relays and Photocoupler. As far as we know, Photo DMOS-FET Relays and Photocoupler are key components for variety applications in that regulating the electrical current, quality and safety are of extreme importance. Therefore, each product as we own has to get each approval from UL to ensure against our quality. Till now, Our Photo DMOS-FET Relays and Photocoupler are approved by UL with UL No. E222222. In addition, Letex's management system in production has been approved by ISO9001:2008 on Aug. 1st, 2009.

In future, Letex will accomplish more breakthroughs such as getting perfect in IQC, technological innovation, production automation, management computerization and enhancing our service network in markets ... etc. Of course, Letex will keep its learning attitude to obtain precious comments from everywhere.

Логотип: Letex Technology Сайт: http://www.letex.com.tw


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