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Recently expanded and restructured, our site is now over 3000 square meters.
The offices are modern and efficient, the staff is highly qualified and constantly trained to give our organisation the possibility of being ready to suitably welcome the new Millennium…. and its challenge!!!
As for the future, we set ourselves the following goals:
• to keep our market shares in Italy
• to acquire new Italian markets
• to expand in Europe




Fuses are our “speciality”. We have all types for all tastes...
big and small fuses, pico and micro fuses, glass and ceramic fuses, colour code or plain, mini, standard and maxi blade fuses, fast, very fast acting, medium time-delay, time delay, fuses for battery-powered vehicles, for telecomunucations, fuses for industrial use of all sizes and ratings, with International approvals…

Логотип: Omega Сайт: http://www.omegafusibili.it


Паяльник в дежурном нагреве включайте через диод, этим Вы значительно продлите ему жизнь.


Иногда в телевизоре гетинаксовые платы с печатным монтажом от повышенных температур обугливаются (выгорают).