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Power Mate Technology

Power Mate TechnologyPower Mate Technologies was established by its founders Lewis Liao, Flynn Chen and Eric Jaw in 1992. Thriving in the heavy competition for a decade, the company has grown into a solid business entity with a total of 190 employees and the total pay-in capital has reached US 20 million in 2014. 
More than forty percent of the company's investment has engaged in research and development. The management team is composed of a group of well-experienced experts with an average of more than 6 years of experience in the field of network and the applications of communication technologies. Moreover, by implementing “no pass" quality assurance system and high volume production capability surely enhanced our capacity in providing the total customer’s satisfaction.


At Power Mate, we encourage every individual in our team to develop their own talents and expertise while emphasizing the spirit of teamwork by asking each employee to participate and cooperate in every aspect of any assignment in details.

We are confident that with this unique blend of high level individual talent and the impeccable sense of unity, Power Mate will play a pivotal and successful role on the global platform of modern business of communication.

Логотип: Power Mate Technology Сайт: http://www.pduke.com/


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