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United Monolithic Semiconductors

United Monolithic Semiconductors designs, produces and markets leading edge RF, microwave and  millimetre wave components and integrated circuits (ICs) for the Telecom, Space, Defence, Automotive and ISM Industries.

The company's strategy is to position itself as a "one-stop" supplier to the wireless microwave and millimetre-wave market, offering a broad range of standard and custom designed MMICs, along with an open foundry service. It has two production facilities, at Ulm in Germany, and Villebon/Yvette in France, where the commercial headquarters and product design and development are also based.

Our products offer leading edge performance and high volume capacity; Most of our technologies are available in open foundry service mode.

The company, supported by a global network of representatives and distributors, is committed to developing partnerships with application and sector specialists who can benefit from advanced III-V technologies.

Over recent years we have gained a growing reputation as a leading supplier of proprietary MMICs for wireless communication applications, such as broadband wireless, VSAT, high data rate communications, Radio Links, Intelligent Traffic Systems, Automotive ACC and short-range sensors, and ISM Wireless.

The standard product ranges include: power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, mixers, multipliers, dividers, phase-shifters, up & down converters, frequency generation and highly integrated multifunction parts.

Логотип: United Monolithic Semiconductors Сайт: http://www.ums-gaas.com/


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