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ELM Electronics

ELM Electronics



Since the mid-nineties we have been creating unique integrated circuits for the hobbyist and small business to use in such areas as home security, infrared, Control L, and the popular OBDII. If you are an electronics experimenter looking for that different integrated circuit, then you will certainly be interested in what we have to offer.

what's new sticky note Visit our product pages for descriptions of each of our devices, and download a free data sheet if you want more information. If you are having trouble designing or building a circuit, then see or help pages for some construction tips and application notes.

There are no minimum purchase quantities, so hobbyists that wish to buy only one IC can always do so. We ship our integrated circuits all over the world, and have many, many satisfied Customers that will attest to our great service, low cost, and product reliabilty. When you are ready to order, visit our online ordering page - Elm Electronics is an InternetSecure certified merchant, so your credit card processing is always performed with the latest security safeguards.

Логотип: ELM Electronics Сайт: http://www.elmelectronics.com/


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