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Integrated Power

Integrated Power

IPD is the manufacturer of AC-DC & DC-DC Power Supplies. Our products are sold to General Industries, including Medical, Automotive, Telecommunications and Test Instruments. Presently, our products are shipped throughout the world with global approvals.

IPD was founded April of 1985. At that time the company was located in Milltown, NJ, where it began manufacturing DC to DC Power Supplies. Then in March of 1986, the company relocated to larger facilities in Lawrenceville, NJ. Over the next 6 years, the product line was expanded and sales increased. The need for a larger production area was essential to the growth of IPD. On March 1, 1992, IPD opened its doors for production at our new Wilkes-Barre, PA, location. By 1996, the Company outgrew its present building and in 1997, added 45,000 sq. ft. to the existing building.


In recent years, Integrated Power Designs has expanded its range of power supplies from 25W to 400W utilizing the most advanced manufacturing techniques.

Логотип: Integrated Power Сайт: http://www.ipdpower.com/


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