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Silan Semiconductors

Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd (Silan) (SSE stock code: 600460), located in Hangzhou National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, is a professional company engaged in designing, manufacturing and marketing integrated circuits (ICs) and semiconductor devices.


We constantly improve our technology expertise, and have hired a world class management team. We are expanding our workforce to serve new markets and have benefited from the booming Chinese electronics and IT industry. Through years of development, Silan has achieved considerable success in the Chinese IC industry and now we are in the leading position for technical ability, business scale and profit earning.


In January 2003, the first IC manufacturing Fab has been put into operation, indicating Silan has been taken a big step in connecting IC design and manufacturing. It is expected to make breakthrough in special process of IC manufacturing and also promote the new product line operation.

In October 2007, the new factory for semiconductor luminance LED chips was founded, which will become a new economy growth and bring more develop space.  

Логотип: Silan Semiconductors Сайт: http://www.silan.com.cn


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