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Teledyne Technologies Incorporated provides sophisticated electronic subsystems and instrumentation, including aerospace and defense electronics, digital imaging products and software, monitoring instrumentation for marine and environmental applications, harsh environment interconnect products, and subsystems for satellite communications, as well as engineered systems for defense, space, environmental and nuclear applications.

We serve niche market segments where performance, precision and reliability are critical. Our customers include industrial manufacturers and energy, infrastructure and natural resources companies, as well as government agencies, airlines and aerospace contractors.

Our strategy continues to emphasize growth in our core markets of instrumentation, digital imaging, aerospace and defense electronics and engineered systems. Our core markets are characterized by high barriers to entry and include specialized products and services not likely to be commoditized. We aggressively pursue operational excellence to continually improve our margins and earnings. At Teledyne, operational excellence includes the rapid integration of the businesses we acquire.

Our goal is to create a set of businesses that are truly superior in their niches.

Including Teledyne DALSA, total sales in 2010 were $1.86 billion. Teledyne Technologies' operations are primarily located in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Mexico.

Логотип: Teledyne Сайт: http://www.teledyne.com


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