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Wintek Corporation, founded in 1990, is a world- leading manufacturer of touch panel and small-to-medium liquid crystal displays (LCD). Headquartered in the Taichung Export Processing Zone, Wintek is a Taiwan-based company with a growing international presence. Wintek is a company dedicated to the research & development, design, manufacture and sale of touch panels, light guides, lighting, TFT LCD/LCM and OLED. The touch panels and TFT displays and modules that our company currently produces are primarily used in mobile phones, tablet PCs, Notebook computers, communication products, digital cameras, video players and portable navigation devices.
Wintek’s corporate philosophy is “Wintek believes that our corporation continuously creates hopes for an improved future for all who contribute to the company; thereby, Wintek will optimize the achievement of our objectives and will enjoy an everlasting corporate life. By steadily creating core capabilities, continually developing business strategies around our core products and focusing on R&D excellence, total product quality, cost reduction, prompt delivery and corporate social accountability, Wintek provides total display solutions to our customers. Wintek is one of the leading manufacturers of touch panels and mobile phone displays globally. Our customers are the top-tier branded venders in mobile handsets, tablet PCs and other consumer electronics.

Логотип: WINTEK CORP Сайт: http://www.wintek.com.tw/


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