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AME, Inc. was established and re-incorporated Analog Microelectronic Inc. (an Analog and Mixed-Signal Power Management IC design company in Silicon Valley, California, USA) in Taiwan in November 2000.AME, Inc. was listed on TAISDAQ for public trade in March 2004 with stock code 3188. AME entrepreneurial philosophy is Reliability, Innovation, Sincerity and Integrity ever since establishment.AME's objective is to be a company with leading edge in design, testing and sales of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits.

AME's products are widely used:
In Networking such as: WLAN Card,xDSL, Cable Modem and STB. In PC Related such as: Desktop-MB, Notebook and Netbook. In Protable Devices such as: DSC, GPS, MP3 and Cell/Smart Phone. Also in the Flat Panel such as: DPF, LCD and TV/Monitor.


AME's Competitive Advantages :

  • Experienced Design Team
  • Plenty “IP/Cell” to Reduce Design Cycle
  • Experienced and Strong Backend Team
  • In House Test Capability To Ensure High Quality Products Delivered
  • Most Advanced Process Foundry and Assembly / Test House Support
  • Well Organized Sales and Field Application Support
Логотип: AME



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