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Chino-Excel Technology




Chino-Excel Technology Co., Ltd. (CET) was established in 1984, was a most competitive Power Devices manufacturer in Taiwan. CET has already obtained many patents for invention of products, and has been qualified by ISO14001 , QS 9000 , ISO9001.

CET was the first company including R&D team and manufacturing facility for Power MOSFETs with its own brand in Taiwan. CET provides Power MOSFETs products with total solutions from device design, brilliant round processing, encapsulation, packaging, characteristics extracting, and testing technologies with own facilities to satisfaction customer requirement. The products of our company have already widely used in the fields , such as M/B, NB, UPS, Power Inverter, CCFL, DC Fan, SMPS, Adapter, Lighting, Battery, DC-DC, LCD Monitor etc..    

CET has all kinds of Power MOSFETs products and High Voltage IGBTs. CET can also creates new specific Power Device based on customer’s requirement. CET owns IC encapsulation and packaging experiences over 20 years and has a best researching and designing group. Based on our experiences, CET will and can develop more advanced products, take customer service as the direction, offer the best product quality and delivery in time, to meet the customer's demand.

Логотип: Chino-Excel Technology Сайт: http://www.cetsemi.com/index-e.htm


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