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Datel was established in 1970 and has been a long time leader in providing high precision data acquisition components, including data converters, power supplies, DC-DC converters, and digital panel meters. The Company was acquired by Murata Electronics in 2007 and incorporated as "Murata Power Solutions". Our success is the result of our first class engineering expertise and our modern manufacturing techniques.


Our data acquisition products are designed and manufactured in our 180,000 square-foot facility located approximately 35 miles south of Boston in Mansfield, Massachusetts. We are ISO-9001 Certified, and ITAR registered. Our Mansfield site is a MIL-PRF-38534 hybrid certified fabrication facility. Our Power products and Panel meters are produced in Mansfield or under contract with our Asian manufacturing partners.


DATEL Data Acquisition product offering has grown to become one of the industry’s broadest, designed to meet the ever-changing requirements of military, HI-REL, medical, scientific and industrial applications. We are key suppliers in instrumentation, and high-precision applications such as microscopy, radar, and major defense programs worldwide. Today, our leadership status in high-performance data acquisition components is unchallenged, driven in large part by our engineering expertise to develop solutions with outstanding electrical performance, small packaging, low power consumption and ease of use. These products employ five basic technologies: monolithic IC, thin-film hybrid, thick-film hybrid, SMT technologies and discrete component circuit. Many products utilize a combination of these technologies to achieve higher levels of performance.

Логотип: Datel Сайт: http://www.datel.com


Если, нет специального оборудования, типа паяльной станции и фенов, для отпайки микрочипа можно воспользоваться тонким фторопластовым проводом.


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