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Fairchild Semiconductor International (NYSE: FCS) today announced the acquisition of Impala Linear Corporation, based in San Jose, California. Impala designs analog power management semiconductors for a wide range of hand-held devices including laptops, MP3 players, cell phones, portable test equipment and PDA's.

Impala Linear was acquired for approximately $6 million in stock and cash. Its 2000 revenues were approximately $12 million. This acquisition brings power analog design skills; products that add strength in the consumer, computing, industrial and communications markets; and intellectual property that leverages proprietary CMOS process technology to enhance the performance of very small footprint ICs critical to portable applications.

"Fairchild continues to build leadership position in power solutions for multiple markets," said Kirk Pond, Fairchild's president, CEO and chairman. "We're the #1 supplier of broadbased power components in the world, according to data from Gartner and Venture Development Corporation. Impala Linear's power analog products will afford new sales opportunities across the breadth of the electronics industry and augment our considerable strength in providing solutions for wireless applications.

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