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Magnetics of North America


North American Magnetics Corp. (NAM) is a distributor specializing in sellingcomputer related products. NAM is a small woman owned business, incorporatedin the State of Texas since December 1991. Its minority status has been certifiedby various organizations; proof will be happily provided upon request.The primary product category is the media upon which computer data is stored: magnetic tapes, optical disks, data cartridges, floppy disks, CD’s, and more. In addition to the media, NAM also provides a complete line of computer related products. Over the years NAM has accumulated a wealth of knowledge not only on the products being used, but the equipment that the products are being used in as well. NAM uses this knowledge in working with the many different facilities in being sure they receive the “right product for the right equipment.” Many times this knowledge helps the facilities save money. NAM can offer compatible products at a savings…..a savings that is passed on to the purchasor. NAM offers focused customer support, each customer has their own dedicated sales representative. At NAM the customer comes first and we assure satisfaction.

Логотип: Magnetics of North America Сайт: http://www.nam-usa.com/


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