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Vitesse Semiconductor was formed in 1984 to develop ICs for the high-performance electronics market. Since its inception, Vitesse has built its worldwide reputation on designing advanced IC solutions for the ever-expanding network and communications industries. Combining its technical expertise with nearly 30 years history of field-proven devices, Vitesse is known for solving design challenges across a broad base of Ethernet and Telecom applications.

Today, Vitesse is a leading supplier of IC solutions for next-generation Carrier and Enterprise networks worldwide. Innovation and technical excellence are at the cornerstone of a comprehensive product portfolio that has been an essential part of the evolving network.

At Vitesse, we invest in innovation and develop new products to capitalize on changing market trends. The growth of smart wireless devices, as well as business and consumer demand for voice, video and data is driving disruptive new requirements for networking and connectivity. Our goal is to become the most “desired in,” not just “designed in” partner to our customers as they go through these critical technology transitions. We strive to be considered by all our customers as true collaborators at every level.

Below are various links explaining how Vitesse’s industry leading technologies – Intellisec, VeriTime and ViSAA – bring reliable, secure cloud and access networking to fruition by anticipating and meeting the requirements of next-generation network standards.

Логотип: Vitesse Сайт: https://www.vitesse.com/


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