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AMIC Technology

AMICCIn today's rapidly changing business environment you need a trustworthy partner to rely on. A partner who understands that simply offering the best products for the best prices and being there first, is not sufficient anymore. You also need a partner who is able to listen, understands and translates your specific corporate requirements into practice. Together we drive your company forward, allowing your company and products to be special and to differentiate it from others. At AMIC this is the working scenario we aim for.

At AMIC we also believe that every customer has its own unique set of demands and expectations, governing the new challenges for AMIC to fulfil successfully.


AMIC has a profound history in developing memory ICs. Starting as a new memory product division within United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), the art of making memory integrated circuits has already been developed since 1985. Since then, we released many industry-first type memory IC products.


AMIC offers its customers one of the largest memory IC portfolios available in the semiconductor industry today. From SRAM to FLASH, from DRAM to Mask-ROM and RF-ID TAG IC solutions. From bare die to full SiP integration.

Worldwide recognition and acceptance within the Tier-1 industry has elevated AMIC to a world-class performing organization, which is navigated by industry veterans and excelled by young professionals.



Паяльник в дежурном нагреве включайте через диод, этим Вы значительно продлите ему жизнь.


Во время поиска небольших радиодеталей, упавших со стола, вероятность их обнаружения прямо пропорциональна размеру детали и обратно пропорциональна их значению для завершения работы

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