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DB Lectro

Eager to offer real alternatives to the conventional methods of procurement in the field of electronic components to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Jocelyne and Daniel Bergeron founded DB Lectro inc. in 1987. Their sons, François and Mathieu, consecutively joined the team, a few years later, in order to answer a constant growth while ensuring a bright future.


Over the years, DB Lectro developed and maintained strategic alliances with important manufacturers throughout the world. ISO certified, they all rapidly embraced the RoHS standards in order to meet the industry requirements.

All our partners are ISO certified and sun=bscribe to the RoHS directives

These associations allow the company to offer equivalents to the famous brands of the industry, and to bring quality and economic solutions to its customers.  DB Lectro carries the best alternatives to be used at the time of the design of new projects, or when cost reduction programs are required.

Year after year the company adjusted to new market trends and realities hence securing an enviable position in the industry. DB Lectro’s name consequently appears on a unceasingly growing number of Original Equipment Manufacturers’ bill of material (BOM), confirming the customers’ trust in the company.


Issued of an innovative concept, DB Lectro is the greatest direct manufacturing source for all your electronic component needs.

Логотип: DB Lectro Сайт: http://www.dblectro.com


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