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Genesys Logic

Genesys Logic specializes in the design, manufacturing, testing, and selling of ICs for PC peripherals and related products, and provides comprehensive solutions for consumer electronics and systems manufacturers. Our core competency lies in the development and application of high-speed SerDes technology. In addition to USB 3.0 technology, we have put a lot of effort into researching and developing high-speed SerDes interface technology to keep up with the trend of the new cross-disciplines and cross-platform technologies, and grasp the opportunities in the application markets.
Genesys Logic is planning a complete range of products based on the USB 3.0, SD 3.0/4.0, SATA 3.0 interfaces for multiple application areas. We will continuously live up to the market leadership and product innovation, and actively develop high-end manufacturing processes, and diverse niche products with high added values, in addition to further deployment of our USB 3.0 controllers into related application areas. We are also gradually expanding the applications of our products in the niche market through specification differentiation, improved product quality, and higher implementation to enrich our product lines and improve margins for better market competitiveness.
To maintain a competitive advantage in our products and help our customers gain more product advantages, Genesys Logic is continuously introducing more advanced process technology and implementing copper process in our main products. In the future, we will build a more close relation with the industry chain in the semiconductor ecosystem and integrate our strategic partners' resources to expand our market share in the vertical application market and quickly deliver added-values to end customers.

Логотип: Genesys Logic Сайт: http://www.genesyslogic.com


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