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Logic Devices


The Company
LOGIC Devices develops and markets high-speed digital integrated circuits that perform high density storage and signal/image processing functions. Our products enable video display, transport, editing, composition, and special effects. We also provide solutions for digital filtering in base stations, image enhancement in medical diagnostic scanning and imaging equipment, and guidance and target recognition capabilities in smart-weapons systems.
LOGIC Devices is a supplier focused on providing integrated circuits with the highest quality, density, performance, and support. We support world leaders in the networking, personal computer, telecommunications, data communication, and testing equipment markets. Product design, manufacturing, quality, and a drive for innovation, are cornerstones of our corporate philosophy.

Our solutions offer greater computation rates, lower cost, and lower power consumption than alternative approaches. Using our experience in high-speed data path and embedded memory development, with a structured custom design methodology, our chip solutions involve highly optimized, integrated, and dedicated high-speed computation functions. We work closely with customers to define the features and performance required to meet demanding requirements. The Company is continuing to increase its activities in related complementary core technologies with algorithm and mixed signal efforts, while relying on standard advanced lithography semiconductor process technology provided by wafer foundry sources.
LOGIC Devices headquarter is located in Sunnyvale, California, USA.

Логотип: Logic Devices Сайт: http://www.logicdevices.com/co/


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