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SPEC LIN Enterprise

Spec Lin Enterprise Co., Ltd., ISO 9001 certified, was established in 1973. Through stringent manufacturing procedure & rigorous quality control, we have earned excellent reputation from customers worldwide and have become one of leading manufacturer & exporter of advance electronic components in Taiwan & China.

By continuous investment and endeavor of our strong R&D team and experienced technician & workers, Spec Lin has successfully developed & manufactured products such as Power Transformer, Telecom Transformer, High frequency transformer, ADSL pots splitter, ADSL micro filter, LAN magnetics, Inductors, Choke, Switching Power Supply, Linear Adaptors, Open frame power supply, PCB assembling, T5 series Energy Saving Lighting Fixture, LED driver and MR-16 LED bulbs etc. Furthermore we have associated with long term experienced partners to obtain dynamic market situation for keeping our products one step ahead of other manufacturers.

With esteemed customers' supports, we have experienced fast growth especially within this decade and have established one factories in Wu-Jiang (near Shang-Hai), China.

Striving for best is our motto. It is assured that Spec Lin satisfies customers with advanced products, best quality, competitive price and prompt delivery.

Логотип: SPEC LIN Enterprise Сайт: http://www.speclin.com.tw/


При замене радиодетали освободить отверстие от припоя можно заострённой спичкой.


При замене радиодетали освободить отверстие от припоя можно заострённой спичкой.

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