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ARCH Electronics

atchWelcome to Arch Electronics Corp., a company keeping future in mind with innovative products and services. Established in 1986, Arch is an organization approved by ISO-9001 certification which assures our product of quality.

We are specializing in AC-DC switching power supply, Medical power module, AC-DC power module and DC-DC converter. During the decades developing, we also have the outstanding experiences to take in charge of OEM/ODM projects to provide critically products to own brand distributors in America & Europe.     
To assure the superior quality in long-term use with sensible price, we produce our whole product series in our own factories where are located in Taiwan and in China. Our full product lines not only cover industrial and telecom applications but also medical application which named MTC / MSC series.

Besides the standard product, our design team is aimed to achieve every need of customer requirements no matter it is a modification to an existing standard product or a pure idea from new development with customer-oriented solutions.

Furthermore, our selective item with different output can make more valuable access and widely accept by the market. Our R & D dept. keeps developing more compact size product every year by schedule and market demand.

We believe that our steady process plus fair price with warranty service can make your satisfaction.

Логотип: ARCH Electronics Сайт: http://www.archcorp.com.tw/


При замене электролитических конденсаторов, кроме соблюдения полярности, не следует значительно превышать допустимое рабочее напряжение.
Например, если конденсатор рассчитан на рабочее напряжение 16 В, то при установке нового той же емкости, но рассчитанного на напряжение 300 В после непродолжительной эксплуатации произойдет его расформовка, и емкость его значительно уменьшится.


Щуп станет универсальным, если с обратной стороны его на коротком проводе припаять"крокодил" в резиновом чехле.

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