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Novatek Microelectronics Corp. is a leading fabless chip design company specializing in the design, development and sales of a wide range of display driver ICs & SoC solutions that help our worldwide customers meet emerging needs for sophisticated flat-panel display applications and audio/video applications for all digital devices.


Building on our expertise in chip design and advanced fabrication technologies, Novatek has successfully achieved a substantial growth and expansion, as well as an outstanding financial performance since its inception in May 1997. In August 2002, Novatek was listed on the main board of the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE), stock code: 3034.


Striving to achieve and deliver the highest level of innovation and quality, no efforts are spared to maintain a competitive edge over its competitors in this fast-growing industry. We are proud that our products and services are well received and endorsed by global brand names.


In the future, Novatek will continue to develop its technology solutions and services to ensure long term partnerships and support for our clients. We are also fully committed, sparing no efforts to inspire the industry in continuing its evolution, innovation and success.

Логотип: Novatek Сайт: http://www.novatek.com.tw/


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